RE Services Group, Inc.
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About Us


Operating a cost-conscious company with large capacity, RE Services Group is able to provide excellent site acquisition and wireless development services at highly competitive rates.  As large site acquisition and tower companies moved out of the business of site acquisition and into tower development and ownership, RE Services Group built an excellent reputation by performing site acquisition, zoning, A & E, construction and construction management for the tower companies and wireless carriers alike. In fact, by a commitment to stay efficient, RE Services Group has been able to perform services for carriers at a better rate than most large companies, with more efficient, quality results.  To date, we have successfully acquired or managed the construction for more than 3,000 sites throughout the United States



 RE Services Group believes that large wireless acquisition and construction companies, burdened by high overheads and limited focus on quality personnel, cannot provide consistent, exceptional consulting service to clients at reasonable rates. As a result, RE Services Group launched exclusively with the commitment to staffing only client-conscious, qualified consultants who work efficiently and cost-effectively, always keeping in mind the deadline and the bottom line.



Under this guiding premise, RE Services Group manages with a clear strategy -- staying small enough to retain quality control and large enough to handle almost any size build-out.  The senior management of RE Services Group operates with a hands-on approach in which everyone is accountable for the services the company provides.  Everyone is closely involved because we believe that every client and employee is important to the long-term success of RE Services Group. 



RE Services Group philosophy is one focused on quality.  Furthermore, RE Services Group has mastered a niche-market approach that attracts the best people in the industry who in turn provide excellent results for clients.  With a highly involved management and a hands-on approach, RE Services Group has earned its reputation for quality and service.