RE Services Group, Inc.
   Leader in Wireless Consulting 


RE Services Group, Inc., is a national provider of wireless consulting services. RE Services Group provides full turnkey wireless site development services including RF engineering, site acquisition, A&E and due diligence, construction, construction management, site maintenance, and rooftop and billboard site management. 

RF Engineering

RE Services Group provides an array of RF services including system design, implementation, optimization and quality assurance.   

Site Acquisition

RE Services Group specializes in quick and professional site acquisition services.  From site identification through final permitting our staff is trained in the importance of saving our clients time and money by getting the least expensive sites and quickest on-air sites available in every market.  Our focus is on staff that is strong at negotiating and understands the local zoning and permitting processes to insure the most viable sites.  

A&E/Due Diligence

Licensed in all 50 states, RE Services Group has vast experience in precise and expeditious turnaround of A & E and Due Diligence services.  We consistently outperform other A & E firms while charging much lower fees.

Construction/Construction Management

With over 10 years of construction and construction management experience, RE Services Group has been able to maintain quality, safety, and performance providing the following services: 

  • Tower erection and modification
  • Coax lines and antenna installs
  • Electrical and civil construction
  • Foundations
  • Rooftop cell site installations
  • Road access
  • Utility trenching
  • Microwave installs
  • Warehouse services
  • Re-supply of commodity materials
  • Pre-fabrication of assemblies
  • Major equipment deliveries
  • Broadcast installations
Site Maintenance

RE Services Group provides site maintenance services including antenna replacement, tower inspections, electronic and radio repairs, lawn care, snow removal weather proofing and connector repairs, and 24/7 general trouble ticket calls.

Rooftop and Billboard Management

RE Services Group provides full turn key rooftop and billboard management for landowners, real estate companies, and billboard companies.  Our experience in the wireless and billboard industries give us a unique niche in maximizing profits by marketing sites to wireless carriers for co-location.  Let us assist you in maximizing your revenue by negotiating and managing your location to wireless carriers.